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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pop-Pop (My Grandfather)

I have to admit it: I have the best grandpa ever!
It was SO funny; Pop-Pop, Abby and I were walking down to have breakfast in the expensive hotel they are staying in (their house is being redone), and Pop-Pop whispers, "You girls have to be quiet, now!" and then a few moments later, he yells, at the top of his voice, "WE HAVE TO BE QUIET IN HERE!!!!!!" And there was this lady pulling a suitcase walking in front of us, and she jumped, yelped, and dropped her suitcase, when she heard him yell. Abby and I started seriously laughing really hard (like to the point in which we couldn't breathe and were snorting), and Pop-Pop apologizes to the lady. The lady draws herself up, tries to look amused, and sniffs. "You people playing games?" she demands. Pop-Pop, Abby and I all blush and Pop-Pop mumbles, "Yeah, we like to play games." The lady rolls her eyes and walks away.
Thought that was funny :D
I have the best grandpa ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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