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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mall of America

Hey everybody,
I'm on my grandma's computer, just came back from a REALLY AWESOME day at the Mall of America! By the way, my font is all big and ugly, and I can't change it, so just ignore the size and selection of font for now :D
I got some outfits from Aeropostale (LOVE THAT STORE), and a scarf (which is SO ADORABLE :D), and then some other random things from random stores :D. Abby and I celebrated our birthday (hers is in April, mine in June, so my grandma just took us shopping on the same day) today: we went shopping until our feet were almost literally falling off, we rode some awesome rides, and we went to the American Girl Store to get a doll's hair redone.
We went on the Splat-O-Sphere, which is this really sweet ride; I was GOING to go on Avatar Airbender, but then I totally chickened out :D We went on the Log Chute (I got soaked); and then we also went on the Fairly Odd Coaster, which is the most fun of them all.
I'll blog more about it when I get home :D

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