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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Fellowship of the Ring

*contended sigh* I have so many books to read right now. I am planning on rereading The Door Within series, along with The Inheritance cycle, and The Daughters of Blessing series, but right now I am rereading... *drumroll* The Lord of the Rings!!!! (It deserves those extra exclamation points =D)

I have only read The Lord of the Rings like once, all three books, from cover to cover; but I have reread my favorite parts of the trilogy numerous times. I just started The Fellowship of the Ring this morning because I had a long car ride.

I had to go to this honor ceremony thing that I was invited to (along with my older brother) because I scored "exceptionally high" on this test I took...yadda yadda. I wasn't too excited about going...but the whole thing was overall okay. I was extremely nervous that I would like trip up on stage or something and embarrass myself in front of a ton of people, but nothing of the sort happened. *wipe brow in relief*

Me and some other kids (there was only one other girl...and she didn't look very friendly, so I just stood by myself) lined up and walked into this auditorium, and sat in the front row. The other kids in different grades sat behind us. The parents/ teachers/ relatives (a.k.a. the audience) sat in the rest of the seats behind the students. There was a big stage, with flowers and a pulpit, and all these chairs, in which sat honored teachers and important people.

For the first hour, people in really formal clothing stood behind the pulpit and lectured everybody on the "importance of learning" and how this was "a key to which opened many doors" and how we needed to "study hard"...I enjoyed the first forty-five minutes of the speaking, but after a while, it got a little boring. My favorite part was when this young man stood up and spoke; he had just graduated from highschool, and he had won all these awards and had even met the president, and was accepted into Harvard (which is one of the best colleges there are in the United States) short, he was really really really smart. The woman who introduced him heaped a ton of flattery on him; I could tell he was just a little bit embarrassed on how she set him up on this kind of pedastal.

After all the people were done talking, each student was called up to walk on stage, get a medal, shake hands with these people, and receive a certificate. So this woman called my name, I walked across a seemingly endless distance of stage, bent my head, got this medal hung around my neck, shook hands with another woman who was extremely smart (she had won all these awards), shook hands with another guy who was smart, got a certificate from him, and walked off the stage, and up these stairs and out of the auditorium. Then I got my picture taken, and then went back into the auditorium to watch the rest of the students get awards.

Then, when everyone was finished, we got to go get a cookie and juice, and this gift bag (in which contained a variety of things...among which was this REALLY awesome pen!), and then we left. That was at like eleven thirty. My family and I went to Red Robin, and then went home. We got home at about one o'clock, and then I sat in my room for three hours and listened to music, read The Fellowship of the Ring (a lot...), painted my nails, did my hair, and just generally sat around. I finally went back down, and here I am on the computer.

How did you guess, I need to go edit some more.

Until next post,


5 replies:

Hannah said...

Wow...thanks for all of your comments! :D


Anonymous said...

Naturally, I LOVE the Lord of the Rings books.
I also LOVE the Door Within books - I have all 3, with the Lost Chapters! :)
I have read the Red Rock mysteries,
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, (history, too =D
and I would NEVER read the Twilight books or Harry Potter!

Josh S. said...

Haha!!!! ROFL...omgosh, you make it sound like...idk, like everyone there was so boringly I thought all of they're stories were cool.
Wow, you could make a book out of that. Actually, you could probably make a book about alotta things...

See below


Jake M. said...

Congradulations on getting the award!!!


Josh S. said...

Yeah! I got it too, and Earwen, I have read the harry potter series, so I guess i'm EVIL!!!

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