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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Abigail's Birthday Party

Hey everybody!
Abby had her birthday party sleepover yesterday-today. She invited her best friend whose...eight...I think..., and two sisters who are like eight and five.

They came over, ate dinner (pizza and strawberries), and then did this awesome craft. Mom bought pots, and each girl had a pot. Then we spread this cement thing over the pot, and then stuck these beads into the wet cement thing. It wasn't cement, but we called it that. The whole party, the girls would point to each other and say "you have cement on your arm!" We got it all over us. Heehee.

After that, we opened presents. Abby got this bead making kit, and...agh...I think it was...oh I'm totally blanking out right now...Oh yeah, this knitting thing.

Then we had cupcakes. Each girl made her own cupcake. Well, decorated I should say. Mom and I made the cupcakes earlier. We spread frosting and stuck peanut butter Mnm's into it. They got cupcake crumbs ALL OVER! Themselves, everyone else, the floor...everything. It was funny, but it wasn't fun to clean up.

Then they went down and goofed off until dark. I went to bed 'cause it was late and I was worn out, but apparently they had a flash-light treasure hunt and bonfire w/ s'mores.

I woke up at five o'clock to girls giggling loudly. Everyone woke up. I went down there with them. We ate candy, danced to music, and played the "monster game." It's really complicated, and boring to explain, so I'm not gonna tell you how it works.

I went up and made chocolate chip waffles, and, with my mom, served the girls and their dolls. (It was an American Girl Doll party.) After that, they played American Girl's, and my mom and I went shopping at the Albertville Mall.

We came home...and the girls are still here. We played outside on the neighbors' trampoline. You see, one of them is our neighbor, and the other two sisters' dad and older brother is playing golf with my dad and older it's like 3:00 in the afternoon, and they're still here ;D.

Well gonna go write ;)


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Katherine Alice said...

Hey, I am glad you like my blog, I like yours too :) Being a farmgirl is just like being any other kind of girl except with dirt and a lot more work :)

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