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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

100 Random Things About Me

Okay, here we go!

1. I frequently get athlete's foot (gross thing to start off the list :D)

2. I bite my nails a lot... *examine nails and turn away, wincing*

3. I got my first babysitting job lined up today! *excited scream*

4. I am currently reading Dragonspell, by Donita K. Paul, and am totally in love with it.

5. I just came home from visiting this co-op called STAR (stands for something, 'cept I can't member what...). My family has been deciding whether to quit the co-op I'm in now (FICHE) and go with STAR or go another year with FICHE. Even though all the kids wanted to continue with FICHE, my parents wanted to check out STAR. My parents are still deciding. I really hope they decide to continue with FICHE.

6. I have frequently got in trouble for doodling on my skin. Whenever I'm bored (which is kind of a lot) I pick up an ink pen and start mindlessly scribbling faces or hearts or my name on my palm, the heel of my foot, or the knuckles of my hands.

7. I usually have a ponytail around my wrist.

8. I am excited to go to youth group tonight! (:D)

9. I love watching movies-especially LOTR, the new Star Wars, Ratatoille, etc.

10. I love to write.

11. I love learning new languages! I am learning Chinese and French, and want to learn Arabic, Italian, and German. (Arabic is such an awesome language! It sounds so cool!)

12. I am reminded about how much I am looking forward to my twelfth birthday (June 27th).

13. I just read this sad story for my writing class, in which the main character's younger brother dies :( I am so mad!

14. I have rubber bands in my mouth right now-they're attached to hooks on my braces. I dislike them.

15. I hate sour cream...

16. ...and love cottage cheese...

17. ...and love any kind of chocolate...

18. I just got invited to two birthday parties, and to both I can come. :D

19. I love playing memory games of any sort-they are so fun!

20. Wow, I have a lot to go. Well, anyway...oh, I love to play the violin!

21. I like the shows American Idol & Extreme Home Makeover.

22. I am on page 453 of Les Misérable-I started it Saturday afternoon.

23. I got my hair trimmed today.

24. Right now, I am craving chocolate...

25. While I'm trying to think of random things about me, I'm biting my nails.

26. I have gone through four diaries, and am 'bout half-way through my fifth one.

27. I went on errands today, with my mum, younger bro and younger sis. (Target, the bank, the library, and my grandma's office)

28. My favorite authors are Tolkien, Lewis, Paolini, Hugo, Rowling, Collins, and Funke.

29. I used to detest hot dogs, but now I don't hate them so much. I'd rather eat a hamburger, but hot dogs are okay.

30. Right now I want somebody to either email me or chat with me! (a.k.a. I'm bored)

31. I love to play golf and tennis.

32. I am not wearing socks right now

33. I just realized this was how old Jesus was when he died.

34. Air 1 is my favorite station, although I like KTIS too, and The Refuge, and, I guess, Spirit.

35. My toenails are painted purple, and my fingernails light blue. I love nail polish!

36. I am doing Algebra 1 right now...and disliking it...Everyone says things like, "Oh, I love algebra!" and I'm like, "Uhh I don't." I mean, its math. Math isn't exactly fun. Well, not for me, anyway.

37. I am enrolled in my fourth online writing class.

38. My favorite subject in school is music. I don't mind history, either. Or writing, but my schoolwork writing is this online class's writing assignments, so its not the greatest or the funnest, but its okay.

39. I am loving the warm weather!

40. I have the awesomest family in the world.

41. My dream last night was that my dad and my younger brother died in an earthquake. My neighbor's dad and younger brother died (what's with the dads and younger brothers dying?) in the earthquake and she was seriously hurt, and her mom was hurt too. I was crying during the whole dream. Oh, and I had all these dragon eggs (I'm reading Dragonspell, and the main character, Kale, has all these dragon eggs :D) and they would hatch and out would come swans, or geese, or snakes, or green worms, or fish. I would line them up and cry. I was scared when I woke up, and was so happy when I remembered it was a dream! :D

42. I have this ugly scar winding up my left hand's middle finger, marring the skin of my palm and finger. As a young child, I cut my finger on this sharp vase, and had to go to the hospital. My tendon for the last...segment...or whatever it's called, on my finger was cut, and I was thinking recently about having surgery to get it connected, but I decided against it. If you can avoid surgery, why have it?

43. This is how young my mom is! She just turned 43 yesterday!

44. My feet are really dirty from playing outside with my neighbors.

45. My basement is really messy right now...Well, not my family's basement :D

46. I am listening to Addison Road right now. *cheering* I love this band! They are awesome! The lead singer, Jenny Simmons, is, I think she just gave birth. Yeah, she has a I don't know the gender :D

47. Three CDs I would like to own: Bebo Norman's, Press Play's, and Flyleaf's. I don't know the names of the CDs, but those are the bands.

48. I am really really odd.

49. I just got two emails! Thanks, Emily! :D

50. My aunt just moved to England. I am so sad, she was my favorite aunt. :( She even published a book! She is awesome!

51. I just made up three words:

Flissitic – wonderful
Brolter – cold
Serbeld – dying and/or fatally sick

I know, they're weird, but I made them up for this email quiz thing.

52. I love coffee...even black. It is just...delicious.

53. Tomorrow we have a field trip with my church, and I get to go over to a friend's house afterwards!

54. I was going to go on a run today, with the warm weather and all, but I never got around to it *irritated sigh*

55. My favorite laughs: heehee, muwahahaha, and hehe. Or a single: ha.

56. My least favorite characteristic in any person is shallowness...

57. ...and what makes me sad is that, as I'm homeschooled, the place where I see/interact with the most shallow girls on the planet is at my church...where everyone is supposed to be all about God. :(

58. I think texting is kind of fun. Once, I borrowed a friend's phone and was texting one of my other friends who was on the other side of the parking lot. I am saving up for a phone of my own. (heehee, I made up a rhyme.)

59. I love the restuarant Culver's. It is such an awesome place!

60. I like moccas and hot chocolate...

61. ...I don't drink either of those a lot though. Mainly because my parents are what you might call, in a crude light, "health freaks", and none of those drinks are good for you. I am actually kind of grateful though, because I would rather have "health freaks" for parents then junk-food-addicts.

62. My favorite books are the Inheritance Cyle, the Harry Potter books, Les Misérables, the Lord of the Rings, Narnia, the Christy Miller series, Inkheart & Inkspell, Gregor the Overlander books...that's all I can think of right now.

63. I just finished making meatballs for supper.

64. I have a heart eraser that says: From Anna. On it. My little brother got it from this one girl on valentine's day. :D. He gave it to me...or...I took it?

65. I am eleven, twelve in June.

66. I do not have my ears pierced...

67. ...though I really want to.

68. I have a black boom box.

69. I love calculators.

70. My favorite font is The King & Queen font. It's pretty sweet. I also like Sylfaen.

71. What irritates me in books is when the author uses multiple punctuation marks (such as: !! or ?! *tear out hair* ARGH it makes me want to scream.)

72. My hands are CHAPPED...

73. mum is constantly reminding me to put lotion on, but I never get around to it.

74. Tomorrow I have my writing class.

75. I like this number. I don't know why.

76. My church is cool.

77. Right now, I am reading a Christy Miller book, Princess Academy, Pride and Prejudice, and Les Misérables.

78. I have this song stuck in my head from this singing card that my friend got. Here are the words: I just want to celebrate another day of living. I just want to celebrate another day I put my faith in the people, but the people let me down. So I journey the other way and I carry on...anyhow. That's why I say I just want to celebrate...yeah...another day I know. Odd. And annoying!

79. I am cold right now.

80. I am wearing jeans and a Sundance shirt. No socks, and my hair is in a ponytail...

81. ...I tend to shed my socks a lot :D...

82. ...even in cold weather.

83. I can't wait for school to be over. I mean, who wouldn't?

84. We went to Cold Stone's today for a belated outing to celebrate my mom's birthday.

85. My dad works in Edina...

86. ...or somewhere around there...

87. ...I think. :D

88. This is how young my great grandma is!

89. I'm going to camp this year. With my friend...

90. ...I'm so excited...

91. ...I get to go horseback riding!

92. I love pens.

93. I used to be obsessed with American Girls...

94. ...and now I'm not...

95. ...and I have a closetful of stuff left over from my passion...

96. ...luckily, my younger sister still likes them, so its not all a waste.

97. My family and I are planting a huge garden at my grandma's house!

98. We have three apple trees in the back of our acre of land...

99. ...dumb deer are eating them though :I

100. Okay, gonna end this thing with an interesting random fact. Hm... *scratch chin* ...Okay, I have met an author named Jonathan Freisan. He has written a book called Jerk California, about a guy who has this problem where he can't control his body. Like he twitches at random times, and he has not control over it. Jonathan taught me writing for about a year and a half...he was awesome. He also gave me my Peabody tests.

Phew! I finally finished it.

Thanks for taking the time to read it,


3 replies:

Hannah said...

Hey Bekah,

Interesting! Yeah, I have the entire DragonKeeper series; their pretty good.

Um, Bekah? You said that you hated Tolkien's books! That they were boring!


Bekah said...

Hey Bestie, I didn't... *clear throat* they are dense, if that's what you're thinking of. But most excellent books are like that.


Cherry said...

Wow! I've tried one of these things before and I had a hard time getting to 25!! Great job! I'm trying to follow you but I can't figure out how! I'm sorry. I wasn't on blogger for a while but now I'm back so that's why I haven't seen your comment for such a while. But thank you for your comment on my blog. It means so much!

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