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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wolfheart, Dots, 90 Minutes in Heaven

Hey everyone,
Well, guess what?!? I got an idea for a story. Wolfheart. It's about a girl/werewolf. Okay, that might sound disturbing (the kind of disturbing that will keep you up at night, and that will mar your soul and trouble your thoughts), but it really is not.
I love the name.
Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like? *sigh* I have. What comforts me, though, and encourages my faith, is that I know it's really there. Okay, I have this tendency to be trusting. Some people call me gullible. It might be a fault in some people's eyes, but that's just the way I am. So when I read this book called 90 Minutes in Heaven, I was touched, and comforted, and encouraged. It's about this guy who went to Heaven for ninety minutes, then, from the constant prayers of a stranger who was a pastor, came back to life, and spread his tale around the world.
I think it is so cool! Cool, awesome, touching, it whatever you want to.
I love Dots. The candy. Heehee. I am eating one right now. Flavor? Strawberry. Yummy.
Does anyone reading this have braces? *sigh* I do. At first, before I got them, I was excited, despite the warnings of an acquaintance of mine who had had braces. After the first year, my excitement had withered into tolerance. After the next few months, my tolerance faded to outright impatience to get them off. That's where I am right now. After a few more months, who knows? I may be tearing them off myself...
Snap, I just swallowed my Dot whole. *wince* Luckily, Mum gave me another one, heehee.
I am going to go write some more. Seems like I am always doing that, doesn't it? Mum understands my love for writing, and agrees that free writing is good for me. It keeps my creativity flowing. You see, sometimes writers, especially novices, reach a mental block. I have experienced that with a few of my stories that were doomed for failure. So, if you're a writer, that's why you should either keep a journal or regularly just type, ignoring typos, misspelled words, just keep writing. Don't stop. I do both of those things, and it really helps.
So I'm going to go write....
Right now, in Arwei, the big climax point is going on right now. You might think, Hey, that's strange, the climax should be the easiest part to write. But, you see, it is not for me, because the climax in Arwei is a big battle. And I find battles monotonous. I mean, people kill people.....
Blah blah blah.
Oh well. *determined sigh* I shall go keep on chipping away at the big block of war.
God's love to y'all,

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