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Friday, March 6, 2009

This Present Darkness

Hi Everybody!
Okay, so has anybody read This Present Darkness?
This Present Darkness is the best book ever!
Hang on, I'm gonna go get it (I'm renting it from the library; I'm begging my mom to buy it, it is SO good!) and read you the back...
*runs upstairs*
Here it is:

Ashton is just a typical small town. But when a skeptical reporter and a prayerful pastor begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous New Age plot to subjugate the townspeople and eventually the entire human race.
Not since The Screwtape Letters has there been a novel with as much insight into spiritual warfare and the necessity of prayer. Fast-moving, riveting reading ranking with the best thrillers on the bookshelf.

It is by Christian author Frank E. Peretti.
I am serious, I highly recommend you read it. It really makes the battle that is going on between demons and angels, Satan and God, evil and good, really real.
The New Age plot is this whole mind-reading thing, putting someone under mental power...mentally controlling them, entering their thoughts, contacting spirits, witches, demons.....
Even I, who takes a lot to scare, am kind of creeped out reading those parts. *shudder*
Oh, and it's not really appropriate for younger children. I'm eleven, and I absolutely love it...but it won't be good reading at all for someone younger, like eight or nine.
Just warning you.
I am serious. It is extremely good.
Okay, anyway...
Hm...what is new with me?
*thinking hard*
I would really like to have more followers.
*sigh* Oh well....
I still have this cut that I got from this swimming party I went to with my was like five weeks ago, and I still have this mottled cut. It's so annoying. I guess it isn't a cut anymore, but it's still the spot of purple skin...Maybe it is because I picked off the scab....
Hannah is demanding that, as my editor, I cannot even think, talk, or write about Wolfheart. So I guess that subject is forbidden...
Me and my sis, Abby (blog:, am doing an hour of dancing per day. Well, not dancing, but we make up dances to these songs, and so we do 'bout an hour of that every day...It's really fun!
I am going to go write more of Arwei.
I am past the disgusting battle part...well...sort of. She still has to kill Secritas, the evil king.
God's love to y'all,

2 replies:

J said...

Hey Bekah, the link to Abby's blog is wrong-I think you wanted to say

Hope you have fun in Florida!!

J said...

Oh yeah. And this is Jordyn, just so ya know.

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