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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


L'ermitage is my newest novel.
I have been drawing this big map on the whole planet of L'ermitage-it's exciting!
I love starting new stories!
Hm I'm at a loss for what to write...
*scratch head*
I really have nothing to write about-so here ends this post.
God's love to y'all,

4 replies:

Alex said...

well, have fun with that,
aren't you writing like, umm, wolfheart or something


Bekah said...

Yeah actually wolfheart didn't turn out so great *big sigh* maybe in twenty years i'll pull it out of my files, read it over, and add a lot to it and maybe get a novel out of it - but right now it's kind of pathetic :D

charlotte said...

you should follow my blog too :D
yours is pretty beast

Molly said...

Hi Bekah! Thanks for following my blog! Of course I will follow yours!

I'm in to acting, so I like to right scripts...I don't think I have enough patience to right a story though...maybe some day...

Well, nice talking to you!!!

In Christ,


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