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Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished Map

Hey y'all,

Guess what?

Well - my title kind of gives it all, but - I FINISHED THE MAP!

Of L'ermïtage.

I'll upload a pic...but it's not that great - definitely not as good or as fancy or as colorful as Hannah's (she posted a pic of it on but here it is-


PS boy it is hard to see - sorry!! I'm gonna try again, see if I can get a better pic...Okay it's kind of pointless because the pencil lines are so faint. But I just wanted to show you guys...even though it's extremely hard to see. 'Cause I don't have a scanner, I must take pictures of it and upload those pictures.

3 replies:

Alex said...

sorry, i can't see any of it


Hannah said...

Hi Bekah,

I like it! It looks pretty good! Great job! :D

*grins* thanks, glad you think mines cool! :D

Your Bestie,

Bekah said...

Hey Hannah and Alex,
Yeah the pics are pretty bad-but I'll bring it to co-op next time...well...maybe. It's like a scroll/ map thing.
I am so excited about L'ermïtage-there's going to be a school she [Alenia, my main character] goes to and everything.
Thanks you guys,

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