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Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey everybody!
*scream* As you might have guessed from my title, I'm in Florida!
It's so warm out, and I am very hot right now. *fan red face*
Abby (my sis) was washing her dusty feet off at the pool, and she overshot and sprayed this old lady right in the face! It was so funny!
Oh, I don't think she wanted me to tell anybody...
So no more about that incident...well let's just say that the lady got pretty mad...
I'll leave the rest of the story unfinished :D
I looked over just in time to see it all happen. I was struggling to hide my giggles, but Abby was definitely not laughing.
I have stepped on a starfish and a crab has run over my foot at lowtide.
Lowtide is AMAZING and I mean AMAZING! There are all these creatures and icky stuff, but it's pretty amazing.
The view out the window is also amazing.
okay enough with the AMAZINGs
I bought the book Inkheart yesterday at the Sanibel Island Bookstore. It is so good.
And my copy is signed. I know. How cool is that?
Um...let me think...COOL
Gonna go write—'cause that's what I'm supposed to be doing...
Love and warmness to y'all,

3 replies:

Jake M. said...

You're so lucky you get to be in Florida!!!
I'm reading Inkheart too!!! It's so good!!!! I'm almost done with it and then I'm moving on to the next book: Inkspell!!!

PS: I found Wayne Thomas Batson's blog and now I'm following it!!! Did you know he has this new book out called, The Curse of the Spider King?!?

Bekah said...

I know *sigh* but I'm now back in MN...I know...sad...
PS: Are you serious? *scream and faint* what's his blog thingie? Can you send it to me?

Ryan said...

I know I'm changin' the subject but, FOLLOW MY BLOG!!

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