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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Thing

Hey y'all,
So I just wanted to share this cool thing that happened yesterday with y'all, alright?
I have a great-grandma who is about...say...eighty eight or eighty nine -- somewhere around there. My Grampa was working in the shed, and my Gramma was out somewhere, and my mom was changing Gramma Olga (my great-gramma) into her PJ's. Mom was walking around the house with Gramma Olga, giving her a little bit of exercise, and Gramma O stops and looks out the window. Her whole face lights up, "Papa!" She cries, trying to hobble to the window. "Papa!" She sighs wistfully, "Papa, can I come home now?"
WOW neat, huh? I think that she was talking to God -- asking when she could go to heaven, maybe.
I just thought that was really neat.
Love to y'all,

2 replies:

Zoe said...

Hey, I am following your blog. Thank you for following Rom-12-2!


Bekah said...

Thank you so much for following! I really appreciate it!


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