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Because of Him

To describe yourself with words, to dedicate yourself unto paper, to transcribe your very soul and bare your inner personality—that, truly, must be the hardest task you might ever undertake.

With what words do I give you a glimpse of myself? I am at a loss, sitting here, staring at emptiness, wondering how to fill it with truthful words.
I do not know how to begin to unravel, to probe, to discover myself. I am a tangle of love, of confusion, of faith and of musing.

Meaningless phrases and hidden truths, all of them aside, who am I?

I am a photographer, a writer, a violinist, a dreamer, a singer, a dancer, a reader, a scholar. These words do not make up my being, they are merely things I do.

But what words ever could? I have an affinity for words, but I couldn’t sum up my being even if I memorized every word in my thick cobalt dictionary. Words are beautiful, but incapable of capturing a soul, a spirit, a personality.

Beauty entrances me, it fills me with energy, bubbling from an eternal spring.

What is beauty? It is a rainbow on a clear night, it is the tinkling laugh of a newborn, it is the essence of music, it is the thrill of words. Beauty is life. Life is beauty. The two are interchangeable, knotted together, intertwined and related forever.

I am dedicated to beauty. I am committed to life.

But beauty needs a Designer, and life needs a meaning. God is embedded in my bones, woven through my spirit, supporting my soul. I can never run away from Him, for He is in me. He knows me, much better than I myself do.

Whatever I am, it is because of Him.

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