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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mad Monopoly Playing, Forgo the Top whadda ya get, Garage Sale, and that thing is ANNOYING!

(I accidently clicked publish before I was done - I hate when I do that)

Monopoly. A very long, very fun interesting game in which you wish at least a dozen times that the Monopoly money was real (I know I always do). But when you play Monopoly at our house, it turns into a game not of making each other broke, but bailing each other out of debt until the game goes on for weeks.

And we never play regular ole Monopoly. We play....

...Lord of the Rings Monopoly. Oh yes, quite a shocker. We have some die-hard LoTR fans at our house.

I won. I was amazed. Usually I lose. Miserably.

Look at the board closely - see all the hotels? Those were all mine. Ab and Peter were broke right out of the gate, but I kept lending them money 'cause I felt kinda bad...yeah. That's how it always goes. Peter keeps going, "Abby, we're never gonna be able to break her!" Haha. What a funny kid.

While we were playing Monopoly, Momma was making lunch - soup (it's REALLY good). She was blending the vegetables in our beloved VitaMix, buuuuut forgot to put the top on and it started blending with its serious high-speed choppers and the soup exploded everywhere. Mom has a burn on her forehead from the boiling soup.



Moving along from one subject to the next... (couldn't think of any relevant transition for this one ^_^). We are having our very own garage sale this weekend. I'm amazed at how much junk we have around our house - well I don't want to call it junk 'cause we're selling it, but you know what I mean. Our whole dining room is clogged with an array of different items.


Does tech ever drive you insane?! It seems like my laptop is out to get me - like seriously. No exaggeration there. See this thing?

It never goes away. The Windows Task Manager refuses to be closed or removed in any way, and stays there on my screen like an obstinate canker, driving me crazy.

Then sometimes (I minimized it so it would take up as little screen-space as possible) it goes like this when I try to move it:

And when I try and close tabs, it freezes, like this:

And it takes FOREVER to send a single flipping email!

My laptop is old. And I think it's running out of steam - as well as memory space. Did I tell you Gimp aborted on me twice within the span of ten minutes? I better stop saving up for Photoshop and save up for a new laptop (though I think daddy would pay for it...maybe).

Speaking of  Photoshop, I got the 30 day free trial, and am having tons of fun editing pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Photoshop CS5. Ahhhh. Comparing it to Gimp is like comparing frozen pizza to stir-fried pea pods (yuck). And that was a weird comparison, but I'm in a weird mood.

I love Photoshop.

15 replies:

Stephani said...

Fun post! Thanks for sharing! I'm so sorry about your mom's forhead. Yikes that sounds painful!

The Golden Eagle said...

*cringes* That burn must hurt! I hope it's not too bad . . .

Pea pods aren't that bad!!! I eat stir fry and I'm alive and well. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Bekah! I just wanted to stop by and say I hope you're feeling better now! That's so weird you have that blood type; my mom has AB-. Those types are so rare! But I hope you're doing better now.

The pic of you is nice, you look so sweet and friendly! :)

Jenna said...

Garage Sale! IM coming over this weekend! ahaha jjkkkk:)
all though i do love garage saless :)
Love youu!

Eldarwen said...

Ooh, not good! I did that with our blender once, but thankfully it was just a little bit of my strawberry smoothie, not boiling hot soup. My older sister got a 2nd degree steam burn from lifting the lid off of one of the pans on the stove. It looks all nasty. It's blistering and it's dark purple-ish/brown-ish. Yuck!

Moving on... I SO have to get that board game!!!! I have regular Monopoly, but it's too boring for me. I LOVE LotR, so I am going to have to get this one! ;)

I love that picture of you, Bekah! You look so bubbly and pretty! :)


Emii said...

Did you try pressing Alt+4 when you try closing the task bar? That's what I do:) And I know what you mean-- I reallyyy need a new laptop!:)

David Pederson said...

There are hotels in middle earth...

Anna Gray said...

Oooooh my gosh, this laptop that I'm on right now does most of those things! I can't tell you HOW MAD I get when it freezes. That totally turns me on. It is like they're out to get us! This laptop though....can be pure evil.

LOVE your photos! The flowers are beautiful and I love all of the vibrant colors.

Sorry about the soup too. Hope your mom's burn gets better! I know what it's like to get burnt. I once spilt boiling water on my arm. Aloe really helps burns and so does Dermoplast. =)

Kathleen O. said...

I have a question,
I have a few blogs, with only a few followers... how do I get more followers, that comment? You have SO many... how did you do that?

Charity said...

Wow... i hope your mom's feeling ok now! Yipes!
Speaking of Gimp... I need to email you and ask you something about your hated enemy, =D. Where did you get the free trial of Photoshop? i would love to do that.
Sorry about your laptop... that would be annoying if WTM did that all the time! :-( Also, looks like you're using IE - why don't you switch to Firefox? Switching to them is like the best decision I have ever made, technology wise. LOL.

Charity said...

P.S. That pic of you is so cute!!! And bubbly!! ;-)

Kathleen said...

Thank you... I will change my template. :)

Jordyn said...

Hi sweet- check your email, okay? I sent you a pretty heartfelt reply, which I think you'll like. See you tomorrow, i will i will, and then on saturday!!!
(haha, the password thingie was mother :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

adorable shots!!! you are the cutest! i shoud do the 30 day trial - how fun! i didn't know there was a lord of the rings monopoly... that rocks!

Marissa said...

I had NO idea there was a Lord of the rings monopoly!!!! That rocks!!!! I want one now!!!! lol =)

We had a garage sale a while back... it was crazy. We had a TON of stuff to sell and it was just piled up all over the place!

EEK! You lucky girl!!! I should try that... Photoshop just sounds amazing. And I WANT it =)

Love ya!

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