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Friday, April 23, 2010

I. Hate. Gimp.

Yes, the dreaded moment has arrived - I show you some of my poetry that I wrote a while ago. Note: poetry does not come naturally to me. At times, I have moments where I just know I can write poetry - and then it completely flops. I know I'm terrible, but I wrote it while I was waiting for Gimp to load - I had to vent somehow, right? ;)
i hate gimp, so crude and bad
it aborts my work, makes me sad
it drives me crazy, so i must
grit my teeth and try not to bust

i wish that i could delete it from
my 'puter but the will wont come
i want to scream, i want to cry
oh how i want gimp to die

i want to stab its evil heart
i want to tear it all apart
i have no money to buy better
so i must use gimp, a curséd fetter
bekah grace, march 2010
Yeah, don't think so bad of I said before, poetry is not my strong point. (and I can only stand poetry that rhymes, haha)

I'm just reading it over again and laughing so hard because of how bad it is. "I want to stab its evil heart, I want to tear it all apart." Jeepers. Didn't know Gimp had a heart.

7 replies:

Anonymous said...

hahaha... I know how you feel.... ;)

awesome poetry, it's hilarious...
poetry doesn't have to be so wonderfully well written to make it big, and I think this is one of those times... XD

Näna said...

haha! Yeah, poetry isn't a strong point for me either;)

Know how you feel...I have wanted to do the same thing before as well, while waiting for GIMP to load^_^

Evergreena said...

I actually like this poem. :)

Rachelle14 said...

:D I love it! Poetry is a great way to vent. I did that an awful lot at one point and they aren't my favorite poems now, but it sure helped me then! I say keep it up. It gives you practice anyway!

Kat Heckenbach said...

This is great! I write limericks to vent :). And I hate Gimp, too. I DID delete it from my "puter." It's not worth the space it takes up on my hard drive!

Anna Gray said...

Sorry gimp isn't working! You don't know how mad I get at this 'puter' that i'm on right now. sometimes i almost cry because it just KEEEEEEEPS freezing up. Mature, huh?

Hope gimp works out and loads!!! =)

sitarane said...

You inspired me to write my own gimp-hating poem. I feel a lot better now. thanks.

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