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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching Up

I feel like I haven't written a real post in such a long time. Neither am I promising a real post now--just finished writing an essay, so I'm creatively-drained. (Yes, an essay does require creativity. ;) This post is simply to catch up.

Isn't my new blog-design beautiful? And it was a complete surprise. Hannah is so awesome in that way. She's super talented, and I get to benefit from it. ;) (And this was done with Which is the lamest photo-editing software out there. Be prepared to be amazed when she gets her laptop and Gimp/Photoshop CS4. [She's unbelievable with Gimp...with Photoshop CS4? Even better....if that's possible... ^^])

Last night, I went to a place called Crisis Nursery for my service-environment (the mentoring program clumps "pods" [groups of mentor-mentees] together and sends them off once a month to serve). My mentor, my two friends Rachel and Kelli (and their mentors), and I drove to the Nursery. We got a tour of the place, and then made snack for the eighteen kids (from 3 months to four or five). After we made it and served the kids, we got to sit down and hang out with them. I sat by the sweetest girl ever--Lillian Trost (she showed me her wristband that had all her information on it). She was three, the sweetest thing EVER! She sat on my lap, and I fed her apple-sauce. (yes, she wouldn't eat it unless I was feeding her. ;) And there was this other three-year-old, who had this odd name, like Darajon, or something like that. He jumped into my arms, laid his head on my shoulder, and just let me hold him for a long time. Then he took the pony-tail around my wrist and "did" my hair. (It looked ridiculous--it was a high, sloppy bun on the top of my head--but it was so cute to have him doing it ;) He wouldn't let me un-do it for a while. Kelli would look at me and crack up--it was pretty funny. ;)

Lately, I've been listening to Superman by Five For Fighting, over and over again. I heard it on the radio, loved it, bought it on iTunes, got it on my iPod, and have been listening to it ever since. I've memorized it. ;)

This Monday I'm going to start on the first song of the next violin Suzuki book, and the old one will retire to an honored place on the shelf--to be thumbed through when I feel the need to review.

I'm going to leave you with this picture (in appreciation of Hannah's efforts on my design, of course ^^)...we're such dorks sometimes. (We weren't laughing about anything; Hannah just wielded the camera and we both cracked up...over nothing. ^^)

7 replies:

Alex said...

Cool new look!

Jessica Faith said...

nice pic :) writing + creativity + crazy domain of bekah = i think you'll do an awesome job :) hannah is great at that stuff! *smile*

Emii said...

Hey Bekah,
I LOVE the new look, it's gorgeous, Hannah IS really talented!:)


Hannah said...

*hugs* SO glad you like it, dear! :) It was VERY fun to design--and I'm satisfied with it. It DOES seem like...well...YOU, which I was trying to accomplish. Hopefully that comes across...?

Aw...I love little kids (MOST of the time...when they color on your walls and dump electronics into the fish tank, that's not so good ;). I have this memory of being outside and Caleb was Eli's age (and so was super chubbily and moochily) and he had just got up from his nap, so he that sort of soft baby innocence to him. And he just sat on my lap, cuddling with me for like a half an hour. It was so precious. :)

Awesome about the violin--I have to see you soon. (I know, I know, those two were totally UN-related, but I just had to say it :)

Ha, yeah, we're SUCH dorks sometimes...okay...a lot of the time...okay, pretty much most of the time. ;) Weeell...maybe not that bad, but you get it. :)

Again, SO glad you like your surprise. Kinda a late Christmas present (since that necklace I made broke...:(). Plus I really felt the urge to design, and I wanted to surprise...but now I'm just going in circles. :)

Love you! :)


Hannah said...

OH, also, I know what you mean about Superman. I LOVE Five for Fighting...I have one of their CD's. ;)

Love you! :)


Hannah said...

(Last thing) just to give you a little BIG thing in response to your email (which I'll respond to in a bit) you are a beautiful and talented young woman who LOVES don't give up on yourself. :)

miss m said...

Your new blog skin is fabulous!!!!
Love it.Esp. the blue. :)

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