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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Agh and 200th Post!

I've been receiving some very irritating Anonymus comments (not cruel, but irritating). The majority of them have been random, jumbled letters with random, jumbled links. There have been some random phrases within these chaotic, nonsensical comments, but they make no sense, like "before your first meal!" and "with love from a shoe!" (*laughs* irritating, but funny ^^)
Others seem to have a point: a few of them have been attempting to advertise vitamins, health care products--like shampoo and healthy nail polish--and ways to make money, but I just reject the comments and ignore them.
I don't want to not allow any Anonymus people to comment on my blog--there are some really cool people that are Anonymus and whose comments I enjoy...I would hate to lose them--but I don't think I can put up with these pathetic ones three times per day.
Any suggestions?
Perhaps I will make it so that no Anonymus people can comment...if I do, this is to all my Anonymus friends: just get a blog, or sign in to your gmail account.
*Shrugs* Who knows what I'll do? I'm just hoping these spam comments will stop soon...

Anyways, I just realized--this is my 200th post! I have done no planning whatsoever about giveaways, freebies, or anything (the typical stuff of a 200th post), so...sorry about the lameness of this 200th post. I guess I could write 200 things about me, but I'm growing tired just thinking about it. However, all is not lost--you can go to my Label Cloud (such a cute name! ^^) and click on 100 Things About Me (or something along those lines). Better then nothing.

Last night, I watched Night At The Museum II: Battle of the Smithsonians...SUCH a hilariously random movie. I love Napoleon and the evil Egyptian guy (not even going to attempt at spelling such a formidable name). *laughs* they are so great. Amelia Earhart, though... *shakes head*  I do not like her. At all.

On that judgemental note, I bid you all namarie,

9 replies:

Ivorydancer said...

Bekah, I got one of those too.... It was quite disturbing and I hope it doesn't persist! It was in Chinese, but my email translates it, sooooo, right there with you :)

JT Norlander said...

A good spam comment blocker is putting the word verification on the comment box. I did that and I've never had a problem.

Abigail Kraft said...

Oh I KNOW! Those awful spam comments are wretched! I've gotten about 30 on one post in particular, and they're all in a different language. :P It's so annoying!

On another note...I LOVE Battle of the Smithsonian! Such a classic flick. ^_^ And I personally liked Amelia Earheart, just because she was SO over the top and annoying that she made an interesting addition to the movie. lol. Plus, I just love Amy's hard not to like a role that she plays. :D

I'm so glad you like my new blog design! haha. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that we have the same Christmas traditions. We do tend to think alike quite a bit. For know the font name of like every single font I use on my blog. I thought I was the only one who had a mental catalog of font names! hahaha! My brother's always teasing me about that. :D

Hope you have a great day! Love ya!

Emii said...

Hey Bekah,
Congrats on 200 posts. I get those random anonymous comments,too. I get them because I don't have the letters in the comment box -- which you don't either. They're robotic -- all you have to do is get the word verification for your comments:)


Hannah said...

You have to enable word verification. Spam results because you don't have that.


Anonymous said...

:D Kamunrah the evil Egyptian . LOVE that movie! Hope the spam stops. ;) Hate that stuff.


Lexi said...

Hi Bekah! All you need for those annoying comments is the word verification thingy...I've never gotten them because I have it.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! =)

How is your grandmother doing? I hope she is getting better quickly!


Jared Kraft said...

Ha ha! I've heard tales of the infamous blog spammers.

Congrats on your 200th post! That's pretty huge. Your blog is really cool.

Hope You're Having a Great Christmas!
(I like your playlist! Adds a cool touch to the site.)

Anonymous said...

Dont' you hate comments like that!?
I blocked Anonymous commenters for a while, then undid it and they were gone ^_^

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