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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today, my siblings (Abby, Josh, and Peter) and I went golfing. A few pictures...

Abby's the girl in the pink kneeling, and the other is Josh.

Abby with the pin.

Abby and Peter discussing their next move.

The beautiful lakes.

Peter's "special" ball that he was so proud of.

Peter mid-swing.

Peter teeing up.

Another shot of the lake...

Josh lining up.

The hole. Duh. :D

Josh picking up his ball.

Josh putting.

Josh mid-swing.

Peter mid-swing.

Love this one. Josh kneeling, lining up.


3 replies:

Emily Anne said...

Lovely blog! Great for a 12 year-old. :-)

Alex said...

It was so nice outside today,


Josh S. said...

Wow, those pictures DID come out really well. I do love that last one with the ball close up!


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