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Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Over

Well, everyone, the "debate" with Sunstar is officially over. Sunstar got sick of it, decided her blog was not the place for such a debate, and deleted all the comments/posts concerning it. (In her words: okay, jesus talk may go tomorrow. Geese, maybe sooner than monday. LOL! SunClan doesn't seem like the right place for this kind of debate.) Wow, I am so glad I made the post yesterday when I did. Now I can remember it all. Too bad the last comment I wrote (really was proud of that one :D) was not moderated. I should have copied it and saved it, but I didn't. I'm a bit disappointed (okay...make that really disappointed) about how this ended, but it's her blog, and she has the right to do whatever she likes with it.

**Edit** Guys, this is what she said when I said, "Okay, you deleted all the comments/posts related to the "debate" "debating": "Well, I just didn't want to get upset... for some reason, I got really mad, and I don't want to say things I shouldn't. There was no reason to be mad, so I'm sorry, yes I did. Everyone was praying and feeling sorry for me, and I was so mad, because to me, there's nothing to be sorry about! They were really pushing it." I felt really bad, because this whole thing was just a discussion of faith, and then others began making a point of trying to convert her. That was not what this was about. It was just a discussion. Next time, I won't make the mistake of trying to convince her that she's wrong and I'm right. I'm sorry, Sunstar.

Dreamstar, I'm finally going to get around to that tag of yours.

1.Copy and paste these rules!

2.Say 5 things you did today.

3.Say five things you WANT to do.

4.Say five things you really want!

5.Say five truthful things about you!

6. Take the award then say underneath the award "Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum!"(LOL!)

7.Say thanks to whoever gave to you, then give a URL to any of that person's blog(s)!

8.Tag five people and give them this award!

Gum Gum is Dum Dum for I am a Dum Gum! (Okay...guess I'm a Dum Gum...whatever that means *laughs*)

Five things I did today:
1. Cleaned house.
2. Sang Ocean Wide, by The Afters.
3. Asked my dad if I could go to the science musuem with friends. (Still waiting on an answer)
4. Ate breakfast.
5. Cleaned up puzzle that's been collecting dust on dining room table for who knows how long.

Five things I want to do:
1. Publish one book, at the least. *grins*
2. Become a mom.
3. Go to the science musuem with friends.
4. Finish editing my 318 page novel.
5. Give God's truth to one person, and have them accept it, and become a Christian.

Five things I really want
1. An all-afternoon trip to the science musuem with friends. :D
2. A sleepover with Hannah.
3. Popcorn.
4. The Naming and Tilly (two AMAZING books)
5. More followers.

Five truthful things about me
1. I burst out singing at random times.
2. I am addicted to twirling my hair around my fingers.
3. I REALLY want to go to the Science Musuem.
4. I love soccer.
5. I wish I had a british accent.

I'm being lazy right now, so I award this to anyone who wants to be a dum gum. :D


5 replies:

***Emily*** said...

I hope what we said to her will affect her life for the better.

Last night I stayed up until midnight leaving her a comment(an I was really happy the way it turned out!). When I went on a few minutes ago I was dissaponted to see that she had deleted everything.

I feel like we have lost in the war for her soul. But I know that with GOD we can do anything. I'm praying that the seeds we planted will grow, and that we will meet her one day in heaven with our Savior. I cannot wait for that day to come! See you then!

Your sister in the Savior,


Floppyj10 said...

Hey it's Floppy!

Can I do it? =]

Bekah said...

Emily---THANK YOU! You're so great.
Floppy---'course! :)


Marissa said...

Thats sad, i was just getting around to commenting to her. She said something today I think and was like "Don't pray for me" I told her, No matter what she says, I'm still praying for her. I think that's probably the best thing we can do now. Prayer is a powerful thing.
Kudos to you Bekah, you had some great stuff to say! So awesome!

love ya,

Bekah said...

I would LOVE to start emailing you. But, stupidly, I rejected the comment with your email address, 'cause I didn't think you'd want your email out there. Oh! But you do have that other one on your that the one you want to email with? :D
Love ya,

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