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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purity Ring...and Real Goodbye :D

I got my purity ring today! *grins and holds up right hand to reveal silver ring on middle finger* it's so pretty. :) I originally planned to wear it on my ring finger, as that's where wedding rings are worn, but it's too big, so I'm wearing it on my middle one for now. *smiles* There are some pictures....Yeah, it says "Purity" in Greek on it, and then has a verse inscribed in the inside, with the words "Remember Me."
Alright...this is the REAL good-bye!! *frantically waves good-bye, while at the same time, admiring the flashing ring on her finger*


5 replies:

Hannah said...

Very beautiful!!! :)

I'm deciding whether to get a purity ring or necklace...I get one now y'know. :D


Eruanna said...

hmm.. what's a purity ring?

Jenna said...

I got a purity ring to its a silver band with engraved words saying "I will wait" its really cool mine is to big also so i am wearing it on my middle finger to haha

Love ya lots


Rachel B said...

Wow, Bekah! That's really cool!

Amber said...

wow that's cool! I have one too. :)

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