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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I got contacts yesterday for soccer this fall, and I have to say they are weird! Like I'm so used to seeing everything not within ten feet of me blurry and indistinct (unless I'm wearing my glasses which isn't very often...yeah I have incredibly bad eyes), and now, to be not wearing glasses, but to have everything be crystal clear... *shakes head* CRAZY! *laughs*

It's also so weird to put them in and take them out...sticking stuff into my eyes and then pinching it back out! It's weird, all right. I'm definitely going to be wearing them most every day...they're awesome, if you get past the itchiness the first half-hour. So who else has contacts?

3 replies:

Anonymous said...

i do! but i hate them... i like my glasses so much better! i have really bad eyes, too. are you near-sighted or far-sighted? I'm near-sighted... it's a pain, but I sort of like my glasses.

Jake M. said...

Yeah, contacts rock!!!
They're so awesome. :D


Marissa said...

I really actually like my glasses. :D

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