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Sunday, August 9, 2009

...and I'm Back!

Yes, I've returned from _____ _____ and it was AMAZING! We got to go swimming, hiking, canoing, disk-golfing, and watched movies, played charades, and generally hung out.

Anyways, I have sixty followers now, so I'm going to say thanks to every one of them...THANK YOU if you follow me, you're awesome; and if you don't, you're awesome too :D *laughs*

Okay, I'm going to start with the newest followers...

The Surrendered Scribe: thanks SO much for clicking the link on Lynette's blog and deciding to follow! I love your blog, and your title/background/header are SO cool.

Anime Lover: your blog is "Random'n'Awesome"!! :D

Euranna: I love your profile picture, and I think that it's SO cool that your parents are missionaries!

Megan: thanks for adding me as a co-author of Faith Around The World!!

B. B. Flocking * Rose: Your sculptures are truly beautiful, and I appreciate your blog.

Dad: What can I say? I love you, thanks for following me :)

Tinydancer: I REALLY enjoy reading your blog...thanks so much for following!

Evergreena: your blog is amazing, and I love all the funny stuff you post up there! :D

Siminy: I like your blog a lot, and I think it's great that you read so much :D

Ivorydancer: Okay...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! *laughs*

Kat: Your story (Finding Angel) is amazing, and I really really love it. I also enjoy all your interviews, book reviews, and wonderful, interesting posts.

Aranduriel: I love your blogger name, and your new header is amazing.

Jare and Lib: your blog is one of the most hilarious I've ever read...and I love it that you two are doing a blog together. :)

The Reluctant Dragon: Your blog is AWESOME thanks for following!

Chelsea: Love your blog, girl! :D

Rachel Danielle: I love your blog...thanks so much for following!

Emii: Your blog is utterly amazing!

Jenna: You're an amazing friend, girl, and I love ya!

Sparkle4jc12: Love your blog!

Lauren Ann: I have always admired your name...Lauren and Ann are wonderful names seperate, but they are incredible put together *laughs* And your blog is amazing.

Elrania: I love your profile picture, and your horse (Jewel, right?) is sweet!

Lexi Williams: Thanks for following!

Emma: your blog is "Precious" and thanks so much for following.

Vickychick: LOVE YOUR BLOG!! :D

Cheryl: Out of all the followers whom I don't know, you are definitely one of my favorites. Love your blog, and I appreciate you!

Emily Joy: I like your designs, thanks for following me!

Marissa: your posts are ALWAYS so interesting. Thanks!

Chloe: Love you, love your blog. *laughs* You're awesome.

Moriah: Your blog is amazing!

Emily: Love the sunglasses in the profile picture! :D

Lyceria: I have to say I have always loved your blogger name. Lyceria...what a wonderful name ^_^

Ry: thanks for following!! Your blog's awesome!

Tann: your blog's cool too and you need to post more :D

Hunter: Keep writing your song, man that's so cool that you're doing that. Thanks for following.

Rachel B.: Thanks for following!!

Molly: Love your blog!

Charlotte: Thanks so much for following; your blog's sweet.

Cyll: No kidding, your blog's awesome.

Annamarie: Love your blog!! :D

Bryce: Okay, I love all the pictures you take, they are amazing.

Natalie: I love all your "Scribbles'n'Things"!

Earwen: Your blog is AMAZING and I love your devotional blog! Thanks SO much for following! Send me an autographed copy of your book when you get it published!

Josh: You're an amazing bro, thanks!

Hannah: You're the bestest friend in the WORLD; I love you, Bestie!!

Alex: Thanks for following, your blog's awesome!

Abby: Love you sis!

Jake: Your blog is AWESOME; thanks so much for following!!

And to the anonymus followers whom I know:

Gwyn: love your blog:

Mom: Love you SO much!!!! Thanks!!

Caleb: Thanks for following, your blog's awesome.

Megan: I LOVED going to camp with you!

Jordyn: love you, thanks for following!

Grandma: I love you! Thanks!

Drake: thanks for following!

Ellie: Thanks!

And to the rest of the anonymus followers: thanks!

I appreciate ALL my followers...thanks you guys!
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