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Sunday, July 26, 2009

*Waves goodbye*

Goodbye, everybody!!! I'm leaving in a few minutes for church, and the mission trip. I'm SO excited. Prayers for safety would be highly appreciated!
I can't wait for the 7-8 hour drive!! *laughs* My great friend, Jenna, and my friend, Ruthie, are going, so yeah the drive is going to be AWESOME!!!!
Anyway, thanks you guys!

5 replies:

Hannah said...

Bye Bekah!!! I'll really miss you!!! Have a great time!!!! I'll pray for your trip, and for you!!!!

Love ya hon! (:D)


Caleb said...

Have Fun and good luck!!!

Jake M. said...

Cool! I bet the missions trip is going to be awesome!
I'll be praying that you guys make a big impact on the people there.


PS: Nice work on Josh's header! :D

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying. Have fun on the drive!


Anonymous said...

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