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Sunday, July 12, 2009


We went camping with two of our family-friends last night, in our backyard. It was awesome.

We had s'mores and root-beer floats, told stories, sang songs, played soccer at midnight in the dark, and...yeah, just had a total blast.

In the morning we had waffles and played Mafia over and over again. And listened to music and threw our flip-flops all over the place and trying to trick each other out of the sun-tanning chairs. :D

My shoulders are completely burnt; yesterday I was reading This Present Darkness on my deck, and I fell asleep, and I was wearing this tank-top, and when I woke up, my neck and shoulders were completely burnt. And my arms and legs were tan, on the verge of being burnt, and my face was a lot tanner then it normally is. *smack head against palm* Now I have this tank-top tan...there are two strips of white and a scoop neck on my shoulders/neck and then brown. It looks like I'm wearing a white tank-top, like when I'm in a swimming suit and stuff. *groan*

Anway, I had a lemonade stand with my neighbor and younger sister Abby (click HERE to go to her blog) in which we sold lemonade (duh), popcorn and candy. We made *count fingers* sixteen bucks, which was pretty good. :D it was fun.

I have to go eat,

Thanks for reading,

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Jenna said...

Hey Girlie!!!!! How was camp well apparently you had fun! (withought me Jk Jk) We missed you a ton at church and im so exited for Canada!!!!!!!! i Miss seeing you at church:( i will see you soon though!(acually tomarrow!)

Love ya always Budzie!


Ivorydancer said...

Thanks for following my blog!

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