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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

100th Post!!

*throw confetti in the air and dance around*
My one hundredth post has arrived!! *applaud* :D
I'm going to attempt to write down 100 things about me...

1. I'm weird.
2. I almost always have a ponytail (or more) around my wrist.
3. I love nail polish.
4. My birthday is June 27th.
5. I'm 12.
6. My friend says my finger's look like Puddleglum's.
7. I like swimming.
8. I love sitting on the deck in the sun and reading. More often than not I fall asleep.
9. I LOVE Lois Lowry's books.
10. I get depressed when I finish a book I really loved.
11. After finishing Beyond the Summerland by L. B. Grahame, I was so angry that Joreiam died that I hurled the book across the room. I kind of overreacted, especially since it wasn't my book. It was my brother's. :D
12. I love this number.
13. I have an obsession with writing my name. :D
14. I love calligraphy.
15. I bite my nails.
16. I love spaghetti.
17. I rewrite awkward paragraphs in books to make them sound better.
18. I also change plots, adjust characters, and generally tinker with the story until I have it the way I would have wrote it.
19. With some books, like the Door Within trilogy and the Giver series, I deeply wish I thought of the plot ideas before the authors' did.
20. I love Tenth Avenue North.
21. I have my own radio. :D
22. I have braces.
23. I'm getting them off hopefully before Christmas.
24. I love chocolate.
25. I am a bad cook.
26. I love reading.
27. And writing (duh).
28. I'm not a fantastic singer or actress.
29. I can be boring.
30. I have two definite sides to me: one is serious and thoughtful and polite, the other is just plain weird and insane.
31. I have amazing friends.
32. I love colorful clothes, but some colors, like orange, I refuse to wear.
33. I hate shopping.
34. The only person I talk regularly on the phone with is Hannah.
35. I have a geinea pig. (*laughs* you all would know that by now woudn't you)
36. I have an awesome family.
37. I am so excited for when I can drive.
38. I have a bank account.
39. I love ice cream.
40. I used to hate hot dogs.
41. I love awards.
42. I am addicted to Gimp.
43. I am a geek.
44. I am not a fantastic artist.
45. I'm blonde.
46. I have hazel/grey eyes.
47. I love health cereals.
48. I hate clowns.
49. I love laughing.
50. I am not particularly fond of math.
51. I am a fast typer.
52. I could talk for hours.
53. I love going on a walk.
54. I'm clumsy.
55. I embarrass myself a lot, and then am unable to stop tormenting myself about it afterwards.
56. I'm sensitive, and get offended pretty easily.
57. I tend to hide my feelings.
58. I have cried over so many movies and countless books.
59. I have finished four diaries, and have almost filled my fifth one.
60. I daydream a lot.
61. When daydreaming, I shut everything else out. Someone could be talking to me, and I won't hear them. :D
62. I like adding and multiply small numbers.
63. I HATE long division.
64. Calculators have saved my life.
65. When I get lost in like a store or something, I start getting paranoid.
66. When I get angry, boy, do I get angry.
67. I love dancing in the rain.
68. I adore blogging.
69. and Obsidian Dawn and (of course) Blogger are three of my favorite websites.
70. I admire Arwen, but not Liv Tyler.
71. I feel bad for celebrities.
72. I love talking on the phone.
73. I have small ears.
74. My feet are big; I wear size eight.
75. I don't really like candy, only chocolate.
76. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla.
77. I detest magazines like People.
78. I don't like science.
79. I play the violin and piano.
80. My favorite numbers are 3, 7, 8 (I love the shape of 8), 9, and 12. Oh, and 33.
81. Air 1 is my favorite radio station.
82. I love Lord of the Rings.
83. I unfortunately tend to say a white lie rather then hurt people's feelings by telling the truth.
84. I hate hurting people's feelings.
85. I don't like being called a nerd, but am totally fine with being called a geek.
86. I love the words phlegm, obliterator, obliterate, and thwack. Among many others.
87. I like golfing.
88. I have a lot of imagination.
89. I like being weird.
90. People say I'm funny, but in truth I don't think I am.
91. I have a sense of humor, though.
92. I'm emotional.
93. I love deeply and hate bitterly.
94. Some people bore me incredibly easily, but other people I could spend my whole life with and never be bored.
95. I've went to mass once, but am not a Catholic.
96. I wish Protestants made the Sign of the Cross.
97. I have a lot of respect for elderly people.
98. I love the Inheritance Cycle.
99. I am totally a font freak.
100. My front right tooth is very slightly chipped (weird one to finish it off :D).

7 replies:

Anonymous said...

yes.... 64 is soooooooo true... :)... i love the Inheritance Cycle, too! but do you like the Elves?

***Emily*** said...

Lovely post Bekah! Happy 100th post!! I too love the words thwack, obliterate, and obliterator! I hope you have a great day!!


***Emily*** said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

I forgot to the "100 things about me" post. Oops. ^_^


Kat Heckenbach said...

Hey,we have lots in common! Only a few opposites--like I'm a total math and science freak--but I love Lois Lowry, get depressed after I finish a good book, am totally geeky (although I'm OK with nerd, too), the world disappears when I daydream, I hate shopping...and to make you feel better about "big feet"...I'm a size ten/eleven :). Oh, yeah, and the Inheritance Cycle rocks!

Marissa said...

Congrats on the 100 post!

61 is sooooo me too! I will daydream and my mom will be talking and I will not hear her! Same when I'm reading a really good book, some one will be talking to me and I won't even hear them..... haha.

Hey I didn't know you played the violin! I do too!


***Emily*** said...

I play the violin too!!!

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