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Thursday, June 11, 2009

While Cleaning Up My Inbox...

...I discovered this email that Hannah and I sent to a whole bunch of people while at the science musuem, talking about how we were posting all these comments on threads pretending to be characters from the Inheritance Cycle. Here is Hannah's email:

Hey guys,We [Josh, Bekah and I] were at the science museum and we were browsing the message thingies on the computers and this one struck us as being funny. [A thread on the dangers of being fat...haha I know not hilarious but the comments were funny.]
Also, Bekah and I were posting comments pretending to be people from the Inheritance Cycle! It was hilarious! We probably posted around 40 comments! Here's who we posted as...
Oromis (
Eragon (
Roran (
Arya (
Islanzadi (
Galbatorix (
Lethrblaka (
LOL! It was funny! Also, y'know the bike thing that you pedal and it rings if you get fast enough?...well I got it every time and it took Bekah 18 tries to get it!!!! :D LOL
Cya guys,
So I was like, "Oh my gosh, I should go on the thread and see if any of our comments got published!" (Every comment had to get run by some people at the Science musuem before getting published, and I have no doubt that they refused every one of our comments :D)
I went on there, none of our comments got published. Ah well... *laugh* I didn't expect them to anyway.
Next time I go to the science musuem, I'll invite Hannah, and we'll probably spend the majority of our time on the little bicycle striving to ring the bell a whole bunch of times, and posting odd comments impersonating characters on the computers :D

2 replies:

Hannah said...

LOL! That was so much fun...I guess I'll post ALL the email addresses! :D


Horsey at Heart said...

Ha ha! I've done stuff like that a couple of times before, too! :)

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