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Saturday, June 13, 2009

*Weary Sigh*

I just got back from the lock-in! It was so utterly awesome! The first nine hours were amazing, but then the last three hours...My friends and I were like, "Ah!! Just let this be over!!" :D Of course we didn't go to bed because that would defeat the point of a lock-in.

Alright, so my family went to a small-group at a friends' house with another family. At seven o'clock, my dad, with another dad, drove us (me, my brother, and two of his friends) to the church, and dropped us off. We signed in, and then the evening started.

*Rub eyes* Right now, my thoughts are all in a jumble, so don't blame me if I get the order of the activities mixed up, because, honestly, I can't think very straight at the present moment.

Okay, so we (Jordyn, Jenna, me, and other random girls that we hung out with such was Kaylee, Sarah, Des, Rachel, and Adriana) went into the Youth Suite and got split up into teams.

In those teams, we played Capture the Flag. Our team...well...totally stunk. :D Alright, so first-off, I got myself promptly captured, and was dragged in humiliation to the jail by a triumphant kid who was extremely proud to have captured me. Jordyn soon joined me, and Jenna (on the winning, and opposing, team) was like strutting past us in smug satisfaction. Soon a whole bunch of kids got landed in jail, and there we stayed until the end of the game, talking, looking for the flag, making pleads to be let out, crafting human chains to search for the flag, "Bekah-fying" each other (I was doing Jordyn's hair..."Bekah-fying" each other :D), and randomly seeing how far we could walk before the guard yelled at us to get back.

So the game ended after the other team captured all our players and leisurely strolling through our territory scouting out the flag, then making a point of showing off when they found it :D

We went inside...and...ah...I think we did... *moan* Jordyn, correct me if I'm wrong...but didn't we do Sardines? Yes, that was it. Sardines. ;]

Jenna got picked to be the Sardine, and she went and hid, and then everyone else went out into the dark, dark hallways and rooms and crannies of the huge church in which we were hanging out. Of course, Jordyn and I were the last people to find Jenna. :D When we walked into the room in which Jenna and a whole bunch of kids were hiding, I was like, in a sugary-sweet voice, "Jenna, I know you're in here! Where are you?" And then she starts laughing, and sets off a chain-reaction. And we found them. With much mortification. :]

Then we played again, and all the kids searched for John (the new Sardine) fruitlessly for many minutes. Like an hour, no kidding. Jordyn and I were like, "Ah! We can't find him!" and so we shadowed a guy named Robby in the hope of him finding John, and then we finding him through Robby (that was a confusing sentence...hopefully you got what I meant :]). So us three (Jordyn, me, Robby) went into this dark room (well...all the rooms were pitch black so I guess that doesn't hold much precedence :D) and Jordyn and I aimlessly wander around the room while Robby searched the cupboards. He says, "No-one in these things! New room! Let's go!" and so we followed him out. Then, he mysteriously gave us the slip and we couldn't find him, so we just were wandering around when we found ourselves back in the same room. And everyone was in it. Robby lied to us about the empty cupboards! :D Jordyn called him "the little liar" the rest of the evening, refusing to call him by name :D

After that, we played a vicious game of Diaper Wars in the shadowy halls of Open Door. I mean it when I say "vicious" game. :D Jordyn, Jenna, and I were just walking through the most furious battle places saying, "We are on your side!" whenever a person threatened to throw a diaper at us, and thus get us out.

Then we did a "fun switch" game, where each team did these different activities for a half-hour each and then switched to a different activity. The activities included: Progressive Pictionary, Floor Hockey, and Art.

Then we came back into the Youth Suite, ate nachos and lemonade, and then played more Diaper Wars. After that, we did another "fun switch" game, except with different activities. This time they were: Writing Skits, Games in the Gym, and this Challenge thing.

Then we returned to the Youth Suite (which was the meeting place, if you haven't noticed) and watched each team preform their skit (ours was dumb...Jordyn and I were just widows who clapped at random times...:D lame, I know). Then we ate pizza and hung out (ate pizza at four o'clock in the morning :D).

At five, we started a movie (Mall Cop, or something like that). You could either go to the "sleeping rooms" and go to bed, or play more violent Diaper Wars, or watch the movie.

Most of the girls chose the movie. :]

The movie was exceedingly dumb however. It was just...wrong on a number of levels. True, it had its funny parts, but they were crude and scarce. Plus it was just...yeah. I don't recommend seeing it. So Jordyn, Jenna, and I went outside in the midst of the Wars, and wandered around, then, after getting pummeled by diapers and getting annoyed, went back into the Youth Suite, and painted our nails awesomely (is that even a word? :D) with the most awesome youth leader, Michelle. Then we just sat around and talked until seven.

When I got home, I went to my grandma's house (after around a...about-one-hour-naptime :D) to babysit my great-grandma. I actually really enjoy watching Grandma O (Grandma Olga :D, but I was so utterly tired that it wasn't that fun. I mean, I guess it was, but it wasn't like...yeah, I would have just prefered to stay at home. I earned twenty bucks though, so that's good ;]

Grandma O takes such joy in little things, like the sun playing on the lake, the breeze tickling the branches of a tall tree, a sweet note of a wind chime, the flight of a small bird across the sky, the beautiful blossoming of a orchid, the shy probings of a doe down in the woods; such small things that a lot of us are too busy to even notice. At such times, her wrinkles and flabby skin disappear, and she reminds me of a delighted little girl, who is entranced by everything in the world.

My grandma came home from working at her office, and drove me home in her AWESOME convertible. I LOVE it! It's so great just to let the wind whip your hair around, and to feel the sun on your arms. *Dreamy sigh* :]

And here I am, blogging on my computer. :D

3 replies:

Emily said...

That sounds really fun!! My church does a lock out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, LONG post! =D
Oh, to get the scrolling text go here: and scroll down till you see the post about it. Really easy! =D

Hannah said...

Lol, I didn't read it all (I skimmed...^_^), but it sounds like you had fun.

Call me really soon. Sorry that I missed your calls...I was at a friend's house.


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