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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Birthday!! *applaud*

I celebrated my birthday today, though in fact it's a week later (I'll be gone at camp on the 27th [my birthday] so we just celebrated it now). I got SO many wonderful WONDERFUL gifts!!

At five-thirty me and my family (Dad, Mom, Josh, Abby, Peter, and I) went to Applebees with my granma, granpa, and great-granma! The food was delicious and of course I couldn't eat all of mine (*roll eyes* I never seem to finish my food :D) and neither could anyone else and so guess how many take home boxes we had? Six. And they were big. And full of food. It was amazing! ;)

Then we came home, and since everyone was positively stuffed, we (or should I say "I"? :D) opened presents. Man. Alright, so from my granma, granpa, and great-granma I got: four CDs (Tenth Avenue North [Over And Underneath], Press Play [Life Is Beautiful], Superchick [Beauty From Pain 1.1...they're older CD. I already own their newest: Rock What You Got], and then a gift card to buy Run Kid Run [Love At the Core], and FM Static [Dear Diary] that I asked for, but which they couldn't buy, as Northwestern was sold out), a skirt and ruffled collar T-shirt, a beautiful studded necklace and nail set, and a small green leather purse. From Mom and Dad I got a sheet of paper telling me I'D GET TO BUY THE GOUDY FAMILY SET!!!!!!!! I GET THE REAL FONT GOUDY THAT PAOLINI USES IN Inheritance Cycle!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAM* AH!!!! I still am in shock!! Hannah I bet you're so jealous!! lol jk :D Wow I LOVE GOUDY!!! I'm so excited!!! I'll feel REALLY professional! Dad and Mom wrote me this really awesome poem about it too!! *dreamy/content sigh*

Alright I also got from Mom and Dad: a set of colored Hope golf balls (so fact, they're be-awesome!! [from Bolt :D]), a charm bracelet, and wonderful books. The books are: This Present Darkness (AH!!! LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!) by Frank Peretti, The Fairy Tales (or something like that...) by Gail Carson Levine, another book by her called The Two Princesses of something-or-other, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling, and this other book that is really cool that I can't remember the title of. Then from Josh I got Mat Kearney's City Of Black And White (SO AWESOME). From Abby I got a small pack of Butterfinger's and Kit-Kat's (yummy lol). From Peter I got a small pint of ice-cream!!! *scream* double yummy!!

My dad and I are going to buy the Goudy Family Pack (bout seventy five dollars) sometime tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I dreamily chattered about the Goudy Family Pack, I didn't even have any idea whatsoever that my parents were actually listening to me!! :D!

I'm bringing many of the books I got today to camp. I'm reading The Giver right now. I'm going to save many of the books for camp :D

The surprise cake my mom made me was a garden!! I took a picture of it, so I'll upload that sometime soon. We have been working really hard this summer on a garden over at my granparents house, so that's why she picked a garden :D

I got SO many great gifts tonight!!!!! I'm still not an actual twelve year old, but next Saturday I will :D

8 replies:

Emma said...

Oh my Goodness.
Are you only 12?! I thought you were older!
It's so awesome that you are getting the actual font that Christopher Paolini uses! *scream* you are so lucky!

Elizabeth J. said...

Your birthday is the 27th? Mine is the 28th!

Hannah said...

AH! YOU GOT GOUDY???? I am so green right now...:D

Happy (early) Birthday!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had fun. I love "The Giver." Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I love 'Beauty from Pain' =D

Anonymous said...

happy birthday day!! the book "the two princesses of whatever (i think it starts with a B)was really good!

Horsey at Heart said...

Happy Early Birthday! Congratulations on all your cool gifts and being able to spend time with your family! :)

Hap-py Birth-day to you,
Hap-py Birthday to you,
Hap-py Birthday to Bek-ah....

Hap-py Birthday to YOU!

*sending you virtual cake and balloons*

Bekah said...

Haha, yeah, Emma a lot of people say that :D
Cool Elizabeth J.! that's awesome! Well happy (early) birthday to you too!!
Yeah, I'm reading The Two Princesses of Bamarre (haha! Remembered the title!!) and it is AMAZING!!
Yeah, I got the font downloaded yesterday!!! It's AMAZING!!!!
Thanks, Horsey at Heart! :D


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