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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Babysitting Class....

Hi everybody,
I just came back from a cumbersome-but-educational nine hour training class that taught you the basics of CPR, and just general health care stuff and what to do in various emergencies. I got this thick booklet, a certificate that proved that I had taken the class, some forms, a list of activities that you could play with your charges, and a CD.
The teacher dubbed us all with new nicknames based on our clothing. Mine was Splash (I had this shirt on that had this big splash of red color on it in the design of a coral reef); some of the other kids' was Eagle, UPS Man (don't ask me how he got that name), Slacker, Minneapolis, Flip-Flop, New York, Smiley, Bluebird, Big Red, Greybird, Peace, and there were a lot more, but I can't remember them...I was hanging out with New York the whole time, who is this really cool girl. And so the kids ended up going up to each other and asking, "So...what's your real name?" :D
We learned how to give mouth-to-mouth recitition (that's not the word...) on these dolls, how to hold a baby correctly, and then had to watch a whole bunch of movies on the care of babies. *grimace* they were educating us on babies like we each had our own, giving us instructions on how to make a bottle of milk, get them to sleep, change their diapers, the differences between breast-feeding and bottle-feeding... *sigh* wearisome stuff, as I don't babysit babies (haha that sounded funny...babysit babies :D), but I guess it'll come in handy if ever I have my own kid.
Alright, well, I'd better go keep rewriting my story, as there are two people who are wanting me to send it to them.

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Horsey at Heart said...

Wow, cool! I wish we had a class like that here. Where did you take it?

Bekah said...

I took it at my local hospital. Yeah, it was pretty cool!
Thanks for following my blog, by the way!


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