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Monday, June 8, 2009

180 and Brownies

So, last night I went with Hannah ( to her youth group, 180.

IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! So Rachel (Hannah's mom) drove Hannah, Chloé, and I to the youth group leader's house. Hannah introduced me to her friend, then we went outside for a while. Guys from the youth group were playing football, and so I was trying to guess their names...let's just say I was really bad at that. I only guessed one guy's name correctly, and that was after three guesses and numerous hints. :D

Then after a while, everyone went inside, and Jimmy, the youth group leader, taught us how to play this game called Progressive Pictionary (or something like that). It was really fun. Hannah drew these really complicated pictures, so complicated that I could hardly tell what they were. When the game was done, she says, disgusted, to me, "So many people were drawing stick figures!" :D After that, we watched this movie, and then prayed, and Rachel picked Hannah, Chloé, and I up and dropped me off at my house.

Today, my mom and brother got back from Chicago (my brother had an award ceremony there) after being gone for the weekend. My family's Chicago friend, Judy West (who is simply awesome...I have many fond memories with her. She is probably one of my favorite adults outside my family.), sent gifts for Abby, Peter, and I home with my mom and bro. She gave Abby and I this brownie book, in which it shows TONS of different ways to decorate/ make brownies. So today, we're going to go to the store, and buy a whole bunch of supplies and make these really fancy brownies. I'll take pictures of the finished result (if they turn out okay...I'm not the greatest cook so who knows what might happen) and post them up here once we finish them.

4 replies:

Hannah said...

Told you 180 was awesome. :D


Alex said...

Who was the guy's name u were trying to guess, Mitch?


Jake M. said...

Yeah, 180 was really cool! :D


Bekah said...

No the guy's name that I guessed right was Matt :D I already knew who Mitch was.


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