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Sunday, May 24, 2009


...hi everybody.
I know, Updates is a boring title to my post...but I couldn't think of any other at this moment :D

Okay, anyway, I had my granma, granpa, aunt, uncle, my other aunt, and four cousins over yesterday...and I had a BLAST. My cousins are Austin (10), Olivia (4...I think), Andrew (everyone calls him Andy though) (4 or 5), and Sam (3).

Here is a picture of my favorite cousins (if I had to pick two):

...that's Sam! Isn't he ADORABLE?!

And that's Sam's brother: Andy. They are both so cute!

I had so much fun yesterday. Me and my granpa (everyone calls him Pop-Pop...don't ask me why because I don't know :D) got into a deep theological/ ethics conversation. He loves to talk, I love to listen, so we made a great pair. We talked about SO many things (from evolution to words to how political leaders sometimes twist the truth to try and get you to believe something to how you need to not be totally gullible, and believe everything one tells you) and for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Then today, we went to our neighbors' church to listen to the dad sing (he was amazingly good ;]), and then straight to my granparents house to plant more in our garden. We (the kids; my brothers and sister, and my two awesome cousins, who are two boys ages 13 and 8 I think) planted with the adults for a long time, and then we went back into the house, drank root beer, then went back out. Finally, all the kids just sneaked away because they were so tired of planting, went back inside and drank MORE pop while watching The Suite Life on Deck/ Wizards of a Waverly Place (I don't like the second show much...Alex, the main character, is just plain mean and has a sassy attitude all the time, and both brothers [even though their sort of funny] are totally obsessed with girls...which gets awkward).

And now I'm back home at 6: 10 pm. I got back like twenty minutes ago, and we went to their house at 11 in the morning :D But now the rest of our HUGE garden (fifty feet by fifty feet with TONS of vegetable plants) is planted, so now we just have to go over there to weed...yck.


4 replies:

Anonymous said...

Hey Bekah,
Yeah, I know Sam is SO cute!!! So is Andy. He is so funny Sam. He LOVES balls. And he loves to shoot nerf guns!!!
from your sister,

Natalie said...

SO Cute!!

Ryan said...

That's really cool, Bekah, that you and your Pop-pop got into that conversation! That's really awesome!

And your cousins are really cool! (or for girls 'cute') JK LOL

Really good post!! Check my blog out!


Emily said...

Cute! Thanks for following my blog! I really like yours!


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