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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Night

Hi y'all,

Last night we went to a small group that we have with two other families from our church. The family that hosted the small group were building a patio (did I spell that word right?), and so all the kids and adults helped for a while; digging turf and clay up in the back, and hauling gravel around the house. It was actually really fun :D We worked the whole time, eating dinner as a break. What I thought was really neat was that a whole bunch of neighbor kids and adults walked over, quickly grabbed a shovel and a wheelbarrow, and started working. There were TONS of people! It was so awesome.

After a while, my friend Delaney (the small group was at her house) and I went inside (at like eight thirty-nine o'clock) and brought out dessert bars. I had two plates, and she had two plates, and we had a contest to see who could get rid of all the bars first. We were only supposed to give one bar per person...but the contest got desperate, and some kids ended up eating around seven :D

We were running around, shoving the plates under peoples' noses and waving them around, saying wildly, "Take one! Take one! Mine, not hers! Don't take hers, they're horrible! Mine are better! Hurry up!" Kids just kept coming back and taking more :D

But I got rid of my bars first, so that's good. :D It was really fun.

My granma and granpa are coming over today, so I'm looking forward to that.

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