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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Editing, Editing, and...More Editing...

Hey everybody,
Yes, as you can guess from my title, I'm editing. Editing what? Hannah's story, Alehska. It's quite good, actually, and I guess you could say it's fun. I mean, I'd rather be writing, but it's fun.
So yeah. I have like 50 comments so far, and I'm on page 16.
I'm waiting for my online class to start. It starts at 3:00, and it's 2: 37 right now...No, make that 2: 38.
Yesterday, for my co-op, we had track and field. We (Hannah, Hannah L., and I) hung around the park until it was time to start. The first activity my class had was softball throw. I totally stunk, and won bronze. Which is third place. Out of three people. Heehee. Next was 50 yard dash, which was fun. There were three heats, and the two best out of each heat competed in another heat. I won my heat, and, with Hannah, went into the final heat, with four other kids, one of which was my brother. I'm not sure which place I won, if any, in that heat.
Then we did three-legged race which was AWESOME by far my most favorite activity. I was with Hannah, and during the practice rounds we stunk (I kept tripping over Hannah's feet), but then we suddenly got really good (don't ask me why :D) won second place in the real race-thing. After that, we did a basketball relay, which was really fun. We lined up in two lines, and then had to run and dribble the ball to a certain point, and then dribble back and hand it to the next person. It was so much fun. Then we had a snack, and then did this broad-jump thingie, and then we had lunch. Hannah L. had to leave, so Hannah and I ate lunch, then sat on the bleachers and talked, and then got bored, and so then we went to the baseball field. The field was dirt, and the outfield was grass. For about twenty minutes, we pretended like we were in the Sahara desert (which was really stupid, but fun :D), and then we decided to write God loves you, John 3: 16 in the dirt with our shoes, in HUGE letters. So we did that. My shoes and pants were incredibly dirty but it was really fun. Heehee. I got SO much dirt in my shoes.
After that, I had to go. Mom had to run errands.
Ah my class is starting.
God bless,
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