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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Awards!

Hey everybody,

Okay, so I made some awards. Keep in mind that I JUST got a photo-editing software I have not had much time to practice. And tomorrow, Hannah's coming over to show me the I figured the stuff that I know out by myself...I have never done photo-editing before. So the awards are a little...weird.

This is not an award, I just made it, and, I admit, I'm rather proud of it; just wanted to show y'all... :D

I award this one to any Eowyn fan; even though it's choppy, feel free to take it.

Okay this next one, is for any LOTR fan...which is a ton of people. Again, it's choppy, and NOT original at all, but you can take it if you want to...

I'm going to go make more. I'll probably be back soon with more awards/ avatars.
PS I accidently deleted my signature for this post... *smack head* ...and can't get it back onto this post. So it's just a regular Bekah for now. I really AM dumb when it comes to blogging tricks... :D

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Anonymous said...

Hannon le, mellon-nin!!

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