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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter Sunday

Hey everyone!
How is y'all's Easter's going?
I just wanted to tell you about my spectacular one ;)
This morning, I woke up, dressed into these nice clothes, ate a colored hard-boiled egg, then went to church with my family, reading Les Misérables (VERY VERY GOOD BOOK! Lengthy, and Victor Hugo could have gotten his point across in fewer words, but VERY VERY GOOD!) on the way ;). My church's Easter and Good Friday services are just BREATH-TAKING! They made me want to *BAWL* but of course I didn't ;D. Our worship leaders (Stefan Van Voorst and Joel Hanson [both have CDs if you want to check them out-they are AWESOME singers]) do their jobs magnificently, and our pastors are just wonderful. Well anyway...then we came home, found our small baskets at home. And guess what I got in my basket? I got this real quill set where I can WRITE with a feather and ink in a bottle! It is SO awesome, and hard. Really hard. But it was FUN! :D Okay then we went to my grandma's house and watched various family members open birthday presents, and then went to this really expensive brunch place. The food was delicious, but heavy, so I didn't eat that much. Then we went to my Uncle and Aunt's house, and they have this three year old boy named Sam and he is just the cutest cousin you could ever want! I have my nails painted blue right now, and his mouth dropped when he saw my nails and he's like, horrified, "Bekah, did you dye your fingernails blue?" :D I was laughing so hard. He is just ADORABLE. And y'know its Easter and everything? So there's all this candy. So Sam just takes a pile of Hershey Kisses and unwraps one, bites off the tip, then shoves the rest in his mouth. That is how he eats every single kiss! In the *exact* same way! I told his mom, my Aunt, and she was laughing so hard. HE IS ADORABLE!
Last night I watched the Passion, and Easter and what Jesus did for us was never so real to me until after I watched that movie. I was basically bawling through the whole movie! One interesting fact was that the Devil was played by a woman-Rosalinda something-or-other. As soon as your parents decide that you are old enough to watch the Passion of the Christ (it *is* rated R), watch it. Easter will never be as real to you as it will be after you watch that movie. Okay, maybe that's an assumption, that's how it was for me, I have no idea about you.
Oh, the movie Ratatouille is so FUNNY! I'm gonna watch it for my birthday party :D
I am so full of candy... *moan* :D
Love to y'all,

3 replies:

Jake M. said...

Sounds Awesome!!! Yeah, the Passion is a GREAT movie, although I haven't seen the entire thing (I accidentally fell asleep during it cause it was like 12:30 :-( ). The film REALLY expresses what Jesus went through for all of us...


Natalie said...

Yeah, you really have to prepare yourself before watching the "Passion." But I had no clue that a female played the role of Satan. Glad you had a great Easter!

Bekah said...

Thanks, Jake and Natalie, for commenting :D
Yeah I LOVE the Passion it's so awesome.
My Easter was spectacular, how was yours?


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