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Saturday, January 24, 2009

hey y'all

Hey y'all,

Hi, my name is Rebekah Grace Shaffer, but I sometimes go by Bekah. I'm eleven and...*count on fingers* months, roughly. I have previously used to blog...this is the hyperlink to my blog: Check out the avatar. It's so funny! I looooove it.

I'm moody, and dreamy, and goofy, and I love God, writing, family, friends, and fun. In long boring car rides when I do not have a book to read (which is unusal...but lately it has been usual...because I've combed through my bookshelf millions of times to try and find some good books to read that I haven't read recently...but I've got a few Harry Potter books that might last me...say...a week?) I press my face to the window, stick my tongue to the glass, and make faces at innocent passerbys. I get tons of strange looks, and some reprimands from my family not to embarass them...I think I spelled embarass wrong. Who wants to back me up?

This whole blogspot thing is kind of new to

Does anybody have...FRECKLES? I do not. I have a clear complexion, and have not had acne attacks ever. I consider myself very lucky. *shrug* but I am only eleven, so maybe I'll get acne attacks later...I don't even have greasy hair yet.

Okay, I'm sorry, but...this was really weird...about half of my post deleted! There was ALL this cool stuff! *sob*
Oh well.
K, so my best friend Hannah has this blog that you HAVE to see....
And if you love writing, you have to see this:
In fact I'm going to go do that right NOW!
Love y'all like monkeys love bananas,

5 replies:

Hannah said...


Love your blog!!!! I was wondering...could you put in that I showed you the write or die website? Thanks!

Love your Bestie,

Alex said...

cool blog, but u have to get a poll and game.

Bekah said...

Hey, sure thing Hannah (lol).
Alex, thanks, but how do I get a poll and a game?!?
Luv y'all,

nicole said...

hey bekah u r amazing at this stuff luv the blog! ill read it alot lol!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole. J

Bekah said...

Thanks, you guys are so awesome!

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