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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End of a Satisfactory Day. Also, I die, and you meet the notable Vernon Smith, head of "Mourning the Deceased" Read more to find out what that is.

Hey y'all,
So how's everybody doing? I am just finishing up a satisfactory day. I have done school until a lunch of...of...*thinking*...ah, pot pie. Then me and my mom, brother, other brother, and sister went *bowling*! Isn't that wonderful? I scored a stunning (lol) score of 86. My mom beat me at 92. *slight pout* lol jk. It was fun. There were these professional guys doing practice bowling...and got strikes like every time...*impressed look*
Then we went to the library, picked up some books, and I ran into one of my old friends from this co-op we used to go to. I was just walking by, eager to get in the car so I could read some more, when a delighted voice squealed, "Bekah!" I looked up, startled, and surveyed a middle-height girl with platinum blonde hair, dark glasses, and fine features smiling at me. Her teeth were a pearly white with just traces of placque, and considerably straight; but I could tell that, eventually, she would need braces. I continued to size her up in a confused manner...trying to figure out from where exactly I knew her. I began, hesitantly, "Were you in..." trailing off, hoping that she would finish the sentence for me. That she did. "I was in FEET, 'member?" Then it dawns on me, and I give a knowing smile, "Oh, yeah! You're Emily, right?" "Right!" Emily giggles. We exchange polite pleasantries (like I was asking about FEET, she was asking about my books, we were both asking each other how we've been, etc.), then parted ways. It was nice running into her! She's a nice girl.
After that, me and my family piled into our Jeep and drove over to the Community Center, where I did a brief work out, then read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (intensly into the action); reluctantly glancing up now and again to make sure my younger siblings were not up to mischief, splashing in the water of the pool. A few minutes or hours (I don't know which...) later, my mom waved to me from the door into the pool, gesturing wildly that it was time to leave. So...I got up, sadly leaving the realm of Harry and Ron and Hermoine and Voldemort and Mad-Eye Moody and Albus Dumbledoor and foul Snape and treachorous Draco Malfoy and his henchmen Crabbe and Goyle, and the gorgeous veela Fleaur, and the Quidditch player Viktor Krum, and the dashing champion Cedric Diggory and...well...if I listed all the characters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this post would be very very long indeed. So I got up, like I said, and gathered up my siblings clothes (I had lost the quarter that was supposed to be used for a locker...and I knocked over my glass of milk tonight...I am a slight klutz...oh well...) and prattled off to my mom, yelling through the noises of other swimmers to Abby and Peter to "Come on, its time to go!" After we got home, I refused a play date (I was busy...), gulped down hamburgers, carrots, apples and milk (returning to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, meanwhile), then tramped off downstairs, booted up my computer, and signed into my online class (the second one of the week.). When the teacher (Anthony Bennette) had entered the classroom at precisely 6:01 (one of the student's made a point of telling him that he was late. lol), the class started. Anthony is one of my favorite teachers, even if he tends to be a little long-winded. It can be fifteen minutes into the scheduled class before he actually gets into EPGY material. For example, he enjoyably chats about Barack Obama, and the privilege that we have of having him as a president (he recommended us listening to the inauguration speech online if we didn't listen to the speech previously.)(he is African-American himself, so I can understand why he can be so enthusiastic about Obama and him being elected, and all) and discussing problems in the eCollege set-up that we use for this online class...etc. He read my descriptive paragraph to the class, and complimented it, exhibiting its finer points! I was just about bursting my buttons with pride...though I actually do NOT have any buttons on at the moment...even my pants don't have buttons...anyway. Here is my descriptive paragraph:

"Have you ever smelled the ocean breeze at night, relished the small feeling of fright as you look upon the shadows cast by the waving trees and dancing grasses? In the day, the beach is covered with swimmers, the sun glares down like a florescent light bulb, the waves crash and whisper to each other over the laughs of the bathers and the chatter of the sea gulls. But in the night, the beach is transformed. It is dark, and the moon shines subtly, lighting everything in breath-taking beauty. The waves have all gone to bed, muttering and gurgling in their sleep. I wake in the middle of the night, and walk out to the beach with my mom and little sister, Abigail; our flashlights chasing away shadows. To our surprise, the ocean isn’t sleeping where we thought it would be! There it is, shrunken and silent, far back on the beach. Its dark mass is broken only by humps of sand; sand bars, mini-continents, emerged from hiding. That is the best thing that the ocean hosts at night, low-tide; when the ocean retreats, baring shells of all shapes and sizes, as numerous as the stars above my head. With gasps of wonder, we comb through the mounds of shells and time flies past us. A few hours later, we spot a woman approaching us, brandishing a net. She has caught a small, wiggling, hammer-head shark! Soon afterwards, I find a big conch shell, still inhabited by a huge scarlet muscle. Many living shells are deserted when the waves draw back; lured by the moon and gravity. Sometimes, if we are quick enough, we can catch a glimpse of the red muscle before it fearfully jerks back into the shell. It is the most beautiful thing to sit out on the beach at low tide, watching the moon and stars twinkle over a still ocean, catching sight of the flashlight beams of other shell-hunters; streaking across the black water like the moon contrasts against the dark sky. Feeling the warm waves tease your toes, hearing the music of night insects, breathing in the refreshing ocean air, smelling the salty breeze, enjoying the feeling of solitude, picking up and examining shells…it is the best thing in the world to be on the beach at midnight."

D'you like it? If you do, please post a comment and let me know.
Oh, I made up a word that I took a particular liking to..."Decognes". I have no idea what it means yet...probably something like...taking apart something...or something...I don't know...*hopelessly shrug*.
Speaking of Barack Obama, I had this really strange dream last night...okay, so there was this big car garage, and there was these little plastic diner tables, that cheaply wobble unsteadily. Obama was sitting on one of the chairs. I (I'm this little kid) notice him, and scream, "Look! It's Barack Obama!" Everybody looks and start whispering excitedly. He sighs, stands on the table, puts his hands above his head and says loudly, "Please, everybody, keep calm, I don't want the media to find me." Then he sits down, everybody settles down, and events keep happening. I rush outside to look at something, and the garage door to the garage was closing, so I yelp, and run as fast as I can, and slip under the closing door just in time. Then, I can't find my mom, so I start crying. Obama immediately comes over to me and hugs me comfortingly, "Oh, don't worry, little one, everything will be okay..." Then he looks up, and raises his voice, "Where is this little kid's parents?"
After I'm found and everything, I become best friends with his daughters, and visit the White House like every day to play and talk with the Obamas. There, my dream ends. Weird, huh?
I have lots and lots of strange, strange dreams...
Once, I dreamed I was Papa Bear...
Once, I dreamed I was getting run over by a train...
Kay, enough on my dreams.
Why doesn't everybody...FOLLOW MY BLOG!! For Pete's sake...
I only have two followers! I feel*Sob*. Let this be a lesson to you!
Okay, that was really weird. I don't know what I was doing...
I'm getting...*horrified gasp* BORED! Oh no!
Good bye...the deadly disease of boredom is coming over my poor, depraved, frail body...
Good bye...
Good bye...

Hello, mourning blog-readers.
My name is Vernon Smith, and I'm the head of Mourning the Deceased, a program designed for helping the grieving family members and friends of loved dead ones. Rebekah Shaffer has just...passed away, dead by the deadly boredom bug. Please, do not get bitten by this lethal insect, lest you, too, must be taken away by an undertaker. I know you must be feeling a stab of intense grief and pain, and I understand. It is natural, since you have lost this gem of a girl. I have a solution to your problems of moping around, wallowing in self-pity and sorrow. Get a dog. Yes, you heard me right; get a dog. A dog! A dog is the remedy for all your inward ac hings. A dog, who needs to pee all the time (and sometimes goes on your carpet), a dog, who will lick your hand and waggle its tail. A dog. Go to for your free animal!
Sincerely yours in these hard times,

Vernon Smith
Head of Mourning the Deceased, Incorporated.
Fax number: 18463200

5 replies:

Hannah said...

Vernon Smith-

Oh! How shocking to hear about her death! Though it's not surprising...ah well. I guess I will get to read her eulogy...



PS Could you have it put on her [Bekah's]gravestone that Bekah's Bestie is grateful for the comment on her [Hannah's] blog?

Bekah said...

Hannah Martin- are her Bestie, you say? don't seem to be very affected by her you own a dog? I knew it! A dog will always help you stem your frustratin.

Vernon Smith
PS Of course. But...yes, I shall have to contact Uriah Heep, the undertaker. -V.L.S.

Hannah said...

Vernon Smith-

Yes I am...and no, I don't own a dog! It's very hard to show sorrow online. I can't start sobbing all over the keyboard for goodness sakes!

Thanks for contacting Uriah Heep.


PS Could you stop by my blog sometime?

Bekah said...

You don't? Oh. I reccomend you get one, though, Miss. They're very encouraging through times of grief.

Vernon Smith

PS I might be able to manage it, yes.

Rachel...findingjoy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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